This website is currently under construction. This is a website meant to improve into a more modern website. Meaning responsive design, a backend that doesn't rely on old software. Modular and easy to extend. Being both a "mobile-thing" and a "desktop-thing", and so on. This website is currently developed by one person. Which would be me -- I am known as Hedgy on Sonic Gear although lately I often use the nickname Hedgelot (try to find Hedgelot on instagram to see my collection!). I've been Sonic fan for many years and interested in collecting ever since I saw that classic sonic from first4figures in the store. Then when I also ended up winning a collectible at Sega's "Free stuff Friday" I really started wanting to own more merchandise. This collection has grown and ofcourse, in my search for Sonic Merchandise. I found the website sonicgear. The layout was a bit old, but the information on there was overwhelming, it's years of collecting merchandise digitally! Amazing! Sonic Gear was and still is my favourite site as a Sonic Collector. And as someone who now has the knowledge to built a website, I want to built a better place for all that merchandise on SonicGear! 

Because the website is still under heavy development it means at this moment in time the website may not always be available, and there may be other issues like parts of the website not rendering correctly. 

If you want to follow the development progress of this website, you can do so at 
SonicDistrist has the 100% the "OK" from the owner of Sonic Gear, so now most of the time is going to be porting articles. The goal is to have everything in "phase 1" done this year (2020), then all merchandise should be ported. Then phase 2 will be done in 2021 which includes the pages like avoiding bootlegs and fan items. 



You can also add me to Discord Hedgy#5021

Questions & Answers

Q: I have something that's not on this website yet! Can I send photo's? 

A: Please note we are currently not taking requests to add new merchandise items to the website. Because currently we're in the progress of moving everything from to here. So chances are that when it's finished your item will be here.

Q: I have an item that's not on Sonic Gear either, can I contact you? 

A: If your item isn't yet on please go over to that site and use the e-mail adres shown on the bottom of the page to contact the administrator of Sonic Gear. Requests for Sonic Gear will not be forwarded so please contact SonicGear directly. When Sonic District finished writing all articles we'll take requests for new merchandise items that aren't yet on the website or additional information/photos for existing articles. 

Currently the administrator of Sonic District is not the same administrator as Sonic Gear. While I often have contact with Sonic Gear to send in my own items, I will not forward pictures found or taken by others. 

Even if your item is on a sonicgear section that appears finished in our trello, your item will be added, as long as it will appear in the news section which is updated weekly. 

Q: When are you done porting over all articles?

A: There are over 500 pages on Sonic Gear. I am aiming for at least 14 pages a week. That would take 35 weeks. I hope to have everything ported over by july 2021 (phase1 + phase 2). But in my weekly blog you can see the estimate of my current velocity & estimate finished time for phase 1. 



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