• Dr. Robotnik thinking
    Dr. Robotnik thinking
    This is a small PVC Robotnik (Thinking Version) with "Conflict Card". The card is rare because it is flimsy. The copyright here is for 1994, but what's the purpose of the card? It looks like part of a card game, like you could run the stats against other characters with…
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(Above bar only represents phase 1)


It's February 2021, where are we at? 

 Daily Velocity  1 pages / day
 Amount of pages since last update  82
 Total amount of pages done  314
 Remaining pages (phase 1)  160
 SonicGear new phase 1 pages found  10
 Remaining pages (phase 2)  96
 Phase 1 finished based on average velocity  July 30th, 2021


I've added a new row telling the newly found pages at SonicGear since the last update, this will make it clear why the finished date moves up even though I keep at the same velocity. SonicGear keeps increasing with it's weekly updates, but also a few new pages have been found! 

The Trello board is slowly clearing the cards at phase 1, there are still 34 Sonic Gear categories left to finish!