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This post was created may 16th by Hedgelot. I'll have to automatically add author + date to blogposts I know :) 

So the "GO" from sonicgear.org has been received. And I'd like to celebrate with a first blog! 
This means article-porting will continue. And after this is finished the website can go live. 

At the moment of writing there are about 500 pages left to port. (22 have been ported so far). This weekend I'm going to do my best to get to 490-480 pages left. And each week I'll aim for at least 14. If I keep up this pace it'd be done in the beginning of januari. 

Until then, SonicGear.org will continue to receive updates, every update I'll do a check if sections that were already done have been updated. If so these articles will be updated. 

There's also plenty of other stuff to do afterward. I'm not sure what to do with the SonicGear store yet, there are also some comic page and a sonic gear video section which is very interesting too. And there's plenty of new ideas too! Look at the first soundtrack that's ported: https://sonicdistrict.com/merchandise/soundtracks music has been added! We could do this for more soundtracks that are very uncommon to find! 

So as the first blogpost, who am I? I am Hedgelot, but mostly known as Hedgy on my additions on SonicGear (although not always credited, I don't mind ;) I'll remove all my credit while porting over anyway). I am a 25, female and for work I develop computer software. As hobby I collect Sonic Merchandise. My skill and hobby will be combined to create this website! I'm aiming to be finished with this website in January 2021. Let's see if I can keep the motivation ;)