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    Sonic Adventure Trading Cards
    Cool cards!At left you can see the carton that the packs came in, this probably opened up somehow & sat on a countertop to dispense the individual packs. If any one had enough money at once though, you could buy the entire carton for yourself to guarentee rare cards or…
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(Above bar only represents phase 1)


This time an update on mostly the featureset of the website. Ofcourse lots of pages have been ported too, but not as much as I promised. 

The stats: 

 Daily Velocity  0.89 pages / day
 Amount of pages since last update  40
 Total amount of pages done  194
 Remaining pages (phase 1)*  264
 Remaining pages (phase 2)  89
 Phase 1 finished based on average velocity**  September 11th, 2021

I'm currently 25 pages behind to get that velocity back to 1. I will try to climb up back to 1 pages a day. But for now I hope I can make up for it with the following feature updates ????

Grid display

For both "Last additions" and "Gear" you'll see that they now use the same grid like display. For Latest Additions it will show the cover images and title of each article in a tile. If you want to see more of it you can click on it and you'll go to the article. At the "gear" page you will see categories as tiles, and if the category contains articles you'll see those as tiles aswell. 

This way you'll see ton of merchandise on a single page! 

Article grid - Lazy load

Together with the new layout some lazy load functionality has been implemented. This means you no longer have to click the "next" button to view more, just keep scrolling and more will load in! So keep scrolling untill you've seen them all. 

as you scroll the url will change to the "page" you've scrolled to. At the moment you can only go to higher pages though so scrolling back to the top will not change the url back to the previous page. I want to change this in the future though. 
With this url-changing functionality, you can keep scrolling, and if you feel like sharing the articles that are currently at your screen (but not a single article) you can simply copy the url and it'll jump to the right page. 
Ofcourse you can also click on the pages subheader to jump to a specific page at any time. 

Extra fields

With an article now "extra fields" can be added. These will appear below the article text. This will help us not forget certain details about an item if we know it. And possibly in the future we can add a search module that can filter on these extra fields

the current extra fields we have are: Brand, year, price list, region
If you have an idea for other extra fields let us know! 

Image gallary

This one will help me a lot porting articles that have a ton of images. With image gallary we can justs add them all at once and it'll appear in a nice grid at the right of the article. If you click on the image you'll see a bigger picture. 
Ofcourse we can still add images to specific spots if we want to. But for quickness or for when there's a lot of images this image gallary will be very usefull. 

Other layout changes

While the grid layout change is the biggest one, some more optimizations have been made for very small mobile layout & big screen 4k layout. For mobile you're now more likely to see a smaller header, this way the logo will no longer be in the way of the menu. And for 4k or widescreen screens the website will no longer stretch out as much.