• Sonic Colors Wisp pack
    Sonic Colors Wisp pack
    This 2-Wisp Sonic Colors pack appeared in the USA in late 2010, after the release of the game, in most TRU stores. It's about 12.99 and comes with 2 wisps. (white and orange) The white wisp is NOT Yakker, contrary to rumor. Sonic's hands are NOT modified to hold the…
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(Above bar only represents phase 1)


It's been a while since I posted, and to be honest barely any progress has been made last summer. 
I did need a break, as porting articles is very repetive work, and took up lots of my freetime. So while I didn't intend to take a break, it kinda just happened, first because of hot weather, then because I just felt like I needed to and then even a surprise vacation. A lot of stuff has simply happened, but that doesn't mean I'm going to quit. 

I've started picking up writing articles again, and since I skipped a ton of weeks it makes no sense to do a weekly velocity anymore, so I'm just gonna go with "Velocity since first article" which was april 13th. And now I'll just call it "Daily Velocity". Hoping this will be the most trustworthy even if I decide to take another break. 

I also figured out 2 pages a day is too much for such a long period of time. But I'm going to aim for 1 page a day instead. And we'll see what happens to the average velocity. 

So here are the stats updated: 

 Daily Velocity  1 pages / day
 Amount of pages since last update  14
 Total amount of pages done  154
 Remaining pages (phase 1)*  305
 Remaining pages (phase 2)  86
 Phase 1 finished based on average velocity**  August 15th, 2021

Note that the date, July 15th 2021 is based on current amount of pages on SonicGear. SonicGear keeps adding pages so it will likely somewhere in August 2021 if my velocity sticks to 1. 



So does that mean I've done nothing at all for Sonic District? Well I did create a small program that tracks merchandise website that sell Sonic stuff. And while it may not work for all websites yet, it works on most of them (but each have to be configured seperately). It currently active as a bot in my Discord channel Sonic Online (Click to get invited). And spams the #bot channel daily with updates of various websites that sell Sonic Merchandise. It'll keep you updated whenever an article is added, deleted or changed in price. It currently works for SegaShop US & SegaShop EU. And some other websites (mostly european or dutch, but you're welcome to ask for support on other websites if you want to!). 

Currently it's mostly made for private use, but anyone who wants to can join in. In the future I could potentially add a price-watch portion to Sonic District, but this is a long-term idea. But if I feel like I need to get a break from working on articles I could be working on this instead.