• Kids Sonic Free Riders shirt from NEXT
    Kids Sonic Free Riders shirt from NEXT
    This is a kids size shirt from NEXT. It's got a nice big Free Riders design, with Sonic, Jet, Tails, Knuckles and even Storm Albatross (in the back) on a muted orange fabric. This should be about 12 pound at NEXT in 2011. 
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Well not entirely "week 1". The first articles I've written were on april 13th. But this is the first full week after the official go from SonicGear, which is when I wanted to start porting at least 2 articles a day. 

Last week I ported 17 SonicGear pages, mostly USA Sonic Figures (a lot of Jazwares!). In the USA SonicGear pages there's only 1 more Jazwares page for me to go (which is the transformed figures) and then it continues with ReSaurus and Toy Island Figures. 
I've also ported 2 pages of "Japan Sonic Stickers". Because I was getting tired from only seeing action figures, while it's one of the most interesting parts of SonicGear, I do want to switch sometimes to see different things. Especially due to the first part of the Action Figures being pretty hard. Most of those pages have a lot of figures of different packs. It sometimes required a little photo editting to split up some images. I also had to stay alert as a figure might come back a few pages later, then I don't need to write duplicate articles. 

Some stats: 

 Velocity this week  2,4 pages / day
 Velocity since first article  1,2 pages / day
 Amount of pages done this week  17
 Total amount of pages done  49
 Remaining pages (phase 1)  395
 Average weekly velocity  2,4
 Phase 1 finished based on average velocity*  November 5th 2020

* This is not a promise, it will change weekly! 

So what's "phase 1" you might ask? At trello I have moved some pages to "phase 2". This is to split some work in migrating the website. 
Phase 1 consists of all official merchandise, while phase 2 consists of "fan items", "fan events" & "places and "avoiding bootlegs". 

This means that after phase 1 is done, I still have 79 pages more to migrate. But I thought it might be nice to add a goal that's achievable this year. If I can keep up my promised pace of 2 SonicGear pages a day it should be done at December 8th 2020. 

Other things that I have done

So while it's mostly porting over articles, I'm still doing other stuff for this website. This week I've added a random article that will appear in the menu, this is only visible on the desktop website. If you're sure what to look for, maybe you can find something interesting here! Every page change or refresh this article will change randomly. I might change the styling of this component in the future. 

I also changed the menu a bit. The Blog section is now the home page, we can use this for weekly updates to show what we've added. Similar to how SonicGear works at the main section under "Announcements & The Latest Updates". But it can also be used for merchandise-news like the thing about the Tails hoodie that happened recently. While porting over articles I will keep an eye on Sonic Merchandise news and I'll share any interesting story here! 

Then there's the "Latest Additions" menu button. This will show the latest articles that are set to "featured". We can control what will and will not appear here. But for now I will mostly put the articles I recently added and/or updated there so I can quickly see if it looks OK. It's unsure if this menu item will be kept if we're going to use the blog as a latest-update thing too.