• Sonic Great Eastern Blanket
    Sonic Great Eastern Blanket
    Great Eastern just keeps the blankets coming in 2019.Interestingly, all of these seem to be showing up in the summer time. But still, get ready for chilly weather with some 'fleecy material' Sonic blankets.This one is called the "Sonic Name Blanket" It is large, at 60 by 46 inches, and…
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Last week I ported 10 SonicGear pages, OH NO! It's less than my promised 14 pages/week. But it's not like I did nothing so I'm still close to an average 2 pages a day, and will try to do a little more in the futue weeks to get it at 2+ again! 

It's been a crazy week with BLM the world, even in europe, seems to turn around. Terrible things are happening and my mind wasn't fully with Sonic District this week. Tssznews is even affected by it and has shut down (some of the articles are now available at sonicdistrict.com/tssz). Still Sonic Merchandise isn't being quiet with the DJ Sonic set and stuff quietly being released/teased (I didn't post everything, but Finesse seems to go and make a Werehog skateboard! Wow!) 

The stats: 

 Velocity this week  1,4 pages / day
 Velocity since first article (april 13th)  1,3 pages / day
 Average weekly velocity  1,96 pages / day
 Amount of pages done this week  10
 Total amount of pages done  72
 Remaining pages (phase 1)*  372
 Remaining pages (phase 2)  82
 Phase 1 finished based on average velocity**  December 14th 2020


* This can increase if SonicGear ads new pages (SonicGear adds new items weekly!) and it can decrease if I move things to phase 2
** This is not a promise, it will change weekly!