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    Pull & Bear Sonic clothing
    Pull & Bear is an online store that serves Spain.In 2019, it got 3 Sonic shirts you can order if you are there. The first uses a very new stock art for modern Sonic, where he's jumping & pointing. It's a bright blue, with his name in a tall font…
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Last week I ported 16 SonicGear pages, so the average velocity is finally back to 2+. 

The stats: 

 Velocity this week  2,3 pages / day
 Velocity since first article (april 13th)  1,4 pages / day
 Average weekly velocity  2 pages / day
 Amount of pages done this week  16
 Total amount of pages done  101
 Remaining pages (phase 1)*   348
 Remaining pages (phase 2)  82
 Phase 1 finished based on average velocity**  December 13 2020

* This can increase if SonicGear ads new pages (SonicGear adds new items weekly! 3 new pages have been added or found today) and it can decrease if I move things to phase 2
** This is not a promise, it will change weekly! 

SonicGear keeps adding new pages in a rapid velocity. This time 3 new pages have been found, when a new page is started though, it'll take a while to fill a page, so I don't expect this much to happen weekly. 
Although there are also some "hidden pages" that have been forgotten to put on the home page, I'm hoping we're starting to find all of those by now, it'll be no good if we forget a page. 

This week didn't go enitrely as I expected, it's been a rough week so that's why there are only 2 extra pages ported, even though I planned to do much more. Things don't always go as planned, but I still managed to put the velocity back to 2 a day, so let's keep it like that. This week my aim is simply just 14 pages again, but if I have time (and motivation) to do more, I will. 

A lot of the pages previous week I actually made easier, because a large portion of it was just "clothing". And because it seems like a bit much to just make a new article for every other shirt, I group classic and modern shirts together and group them together in 1 article. So 1 article can take up to 10 shirts. In some cases there are still solo shirts though, because I do them 1 page at a time and sometimes something just gets left over last. 

Even by grouping shirts, there are still a ton of them. 

Also, over 100 finished pages! Well "finished" it will never be, because they potentially update weekly. But every monday (or whenever sonicgear updates, mostly monday), I will update these, so this number should never decrease. 101 pages is 22% of all phase 1 pages and 19% of the entire website!