• Sonic pullover hoodie
    Sonic pullover hoodie
    Here's a pullover hoodie for winter 2021.It has blue hood & sleeves, with gray body. The cuffs and waist are elastic. The design here is really big, taking up almost the entire body of the hoodie. It has classic finger-waving Sonic in the classic ring of stars, with a yellow…
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Last week I ported 9 SonicGear pages, not the best week, it was too sunny to be on the PC for so long ???? 

The stats: 

 Velocity this week  1,3 pages / day
 Velocity since first article (april 13th)  1,4 pages / day
 Average weekly velocity  1,75 pages / day
 Amount of pages done this week  9
 Total amount of pages done  110
 Remaining pages (phase 1)*   339
 Remaining pages (phase 2)  82
 Phase 1 finished based on average velocity**  January 9 2021

* This can increase if SonicGear ads new pages (SonicGear adds new items weekly! 3 new pages have been added or found today) and it can decrease if I move things to phase 2
** This is not a promise, it will change weekly! 

Oops, the phase 1 based on average velocity went to 2021, that's definitely not something I want, so I'll do my best to get that average weekly velocity back to 2 and the phase 1 finished estimation back to somewhere in 2020. 
It's pretty hard to keep up the pace when it's so sunny/warm, no airconditioning so I spend much more time outside in summer when it's too hot inside. This week it's better though so I'll try to increase the pace a little. But if it keeps being hard on me I will considering lowering the pace a little, but this depends on a lot of things (weather and work mostly).