• 5x 90s Classic Sonic shirts
    5x 90s Classic Sonic shirts
      This is the promo item shirt from Sega Video Games World Tour. This was done in cooperation with Nickelodeon, and happened in 1991. It was a 'tour' of the USA, done in buses & trailers that would set up demo & promo areas at shopping centers & malls in…
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Last week I ported 9 SonicGear pages, not the best week, it was too sunny to be on the PC for so long ???? 

The stats: 

 Velocity this week  1,3 pages / day
 Velocity since first article (april 13th)  1,4 pages / day
 Average weekly velocity  1,75 pages / day
 Amount of pages done this week  9
 Total amount of pages done  110
 Remaining pages (phase 1)*   339
 Remaining pages (phase 2)  82
 Phase 1 finished based on average velocity**  January 9 2021

* This can increase if SonicGear ads new pages (SonicGear adds new items weekly! 3 new pages have been added or found today) and it can decrease if I move things to phase 2
** This is not a promise, it will change weekly! 

Oops, the phase 1 based on average velocity went to 2021, that's definitely not something I want, so I'll do my best to get that average weekly velocity back to 2 and the phase 1 finished estimation back to somewhere in 2020. 
It's pretty hard to keep up the pace when it's so sunny/warm, no airconditioning so I spend much more time outside in summer when it's too hot inside. This week it's better though so I'll try to increase the pace a little. But if it keeps being hard on me I will considering lowering the pace a little, but this depends on a lot of things (weather and work mostly).