• Jakks 4-inch Mighty figure
    Jakks 4-inch Mighty figure
    A bit of a surprise for winter 2020!It's a Mighty the Armadillo action figure! He is showing up along with the 2nd ...ish wave of the 5 or so inch 'figure and accessory' ones. (If you're counting waves by what's pictured on the box-backs) Notice how they keep releasing Sonic…
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This Sonic Free riders is now 10 years old and somehow Zavvi thought it would be a good idea to put this figure back on sale

Is it lost stock that has been found? Is it a mistake and not in stock at all? Whatever the reason it's been up for sale for an entire day now, so grab yours while you still can. If it's a mistake you can always get your money back. 


Update 29-5: it's out of stock now, its still unknown if this was a mistake or really happening. My order hasn't been shipped yet but hasn't been cancelled either. 

Update 30-5: mine has shipped! 

Sonic Free Riders stock art