• Sonic Lost World Mini Posters
    Sonic Lost World Mini Posters
    Here are some posters / mini collectible posters for Sonic Lost World. At left you can see the set of 6 "Deadly Six" & above is a scene poster with Sonic and the Deadly6 in the background.Each character poster has a CG portrait of the character, a quote, screen shots…
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The Sonic japan twitter has announced some nice looking Sonic Merchandise! It's called "Sonic the Hedgehog DJ Popcultcha". With the nice DJ-Sonic art.

There are a total of 4 items for sale: 

  • A T-Shirt (3,000¥)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog DJ Album (2400¥)
  • A display stand (1700¥)
  • Some badges (800¥)

You can get these from ebten.jp. Sonic District has pre-ordered the album and stand using a japanese proxy shopping service so pictures of those will be available. 

If you plan on buying the T-Shirt or Badges make sure to send sonic pictures!