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Finesse has announced a werehog skateboard on their instagram page. With Mephiles being their previous one they are definitely going to do the rare characters now making it interesting for Sonic Collectors. Some of the earlier skateboard have also been made into Tech Deck fingerboards, so if they keep their collection growing it'd be interesting to see if these newer ones will get tech decks too. 

Either way, if you want to get your own werehog skateboard (for skateboarding or collecting) be sure to keep an eye on them, because they sell out quickly. They'll likely show images of the full skateboard first and then they could pop up in stores at any time. So far these skateboards have only been available in US webshops, but some of them do ship internationally (in which case you should be prepared for expensive shipping prices). You may also test your luck on Ebay and possibly some local stores in the US.