• Tails Puzzle Slider
    Tails Puzzle Slider
    This is a game case for your DS games. It's all hard plastic, but has an interesting feature. There's one of those sliding blocks puzzles embedded into the top of the case, with a picture of Tails if you can slide all the pieces correctly. 
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Where are Sonic arcade games located?
This page attempts to have a list of places where you can go to play the arcade games seen on the general "Sonic Gear Arcade" pages. Places like certain shops, game rooms, arcades (though they aren't that common any more) play-places (includes things like Chuck E Cheese, Funderdome, etc) and indoor amusement areas (Ex. Gameworks, Dave & Busters) can all host games like what you see on the gallery pages. If you have seen a game somewhere not listed here, you can always submit the area to include on this page.
Going on a vacation, or traveling past a certain site?
Look here to see if you'll be near a Sonic themed game you would like to try. It is updated by year it was last seen at. These games CAN be taken down. Any game that is removed from the place / confirmed gone from an area will have its entry here removed as well. Confirmation dates (if old) may also be updated.

Sonic the Fighters

2008 Gameworks: Las Vegas
2015 Tomodachi Store in Mall of America in Bloomington MN. It is $0.25 per play per 2015 & owned by Battletoad.

Sonic & Tails Spinner

2015 Nickel City Arcade in Northbrook Illinois It is 2 nickels to spin. - info by Banana

Sonic Token Roller

2015 Nickel City Arcade in Northbrook Illinois. You roll a nickel. - info by Banana
Fun & Games http://fun-and-games.ca in Kamloops, British Columbia

Claw Machine / UFO Catcher / Prize Dropper

2015 Nickel City Arcade in Northbrook Illinois


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