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Zoo Palast Movie Theather in Berlin

Photo credit: GamingChiliHedgehog

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This is the "Zoo Palast" movie theater in Berlin Germany. It had quite a large Sonic Movie event complete with give-aways, decorations of the area, a special car to see, some kind of booths and more. Why this particular theater made such a big deal out of it is unknown, but it is interesting to see.
This photo shows its headliner billboard area with a large billboard of the movie poster on there. Probably different movies headlineing at the theater take turns appearing in this place on the large front wall. The Zoo Palast is highly likely to be a popular multiplex.

You can see what it looked like outside the theater with the movie event going on. There are tents with people dressed in blue movie promo shirts. They're at counters to be able to help people. (But help them to do what?) The red/blue things are those pedestrian metal bars mobile barriers that help to keep que lines in place for waiting people. In this case they have been decorated with colorful fabric panels with logos and other movie-specific things. On the ground, you would find these vinyl stick-down arrows (like in the lobby) Although their text is in German, for some reason they write "Fast Lane" in English...but would anyone understand it because presumably everyone going there is German.

Going to the movies usually involves getting some kind of costly food to eat while watching so...how about a promotional food carrier box? This 2 sided cardboard stand thing holds a drink on one side and a box of popcorn on the other. But what about the middle handle part? If you read carefully, you can tear it out just so, and it will become a door handle hanger that you can keep. The carrier has a Jim Carrery portrait on it, running movie-Sonic, a ring / foggy scene and logos. It also has the human cast member names because they are the most important part of the movie. It also has "Racing into cinemas soon" and "gotta go fast" because it wants to draw on pop culture internet=funny popularity to help it succeede.

Discovered by GamingChiliHedgehog

Goodie-bags or promo-give aways, or maybe even booth favors are popular at big openings and that Zoo Palast did indeed have a movie goodie bag that fans could get. It contains a logo rubber blue bracelet, a paddle ball set with line art movie-Sonic (to color) a white thick bracelet (maybe battery powered? What does it do?) with the movie & Paramount Pictures logo on there, a lenticular ruler with logo & running Sonic, a pamphlet and...Sonic & Mario Olympic Games stickers...for some reason. The stickers are likely a leftover from something else that promoted the Switch. Everything but the ruler is extremely spur-of-moment hash it in cheap style instant re-brand-ables but that sort of thing is common to give aways so it is to be expected.
At right is a close up of the blue wrist band seen in the group above. With this you can see that one side is the the logo but the other side appears to have some words on it...they're probably German, but what does it say? 


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