• SegaSonic the Hedgehog 1994 wall calendar
    SegaSonic the Hedgehog 1994 wall calendar
    Here is a big wall calendar from 1994.It was a Japan exclusive item, and had 2 months per large size page, so there's only technically 6 pages to the whole thing. The front cover here uses nice matte silver ink & has cool looking Sonic & Tails in front of…
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Here are some wacky shades.
This is called the "Sonic Shades" and it is a combination 'mask' and sunglasses. A forward facing classic Sonic 'face' is made of plastic, but the eye whites area is chrome & made of sunglasses material. It has the pupils painted in, but you can see through the whole area anyway. Your nose goes about where Sonic's would be. It has a tiny portion of his lower face at the bottom, and small representations for his spikes on the sides. The arms have the classic logo on one side.
These are (probably) only sold at Party City stores (regardless of season) & are 9.99 in 2018. It's not very practical,
but it is fun to see. The company "Super Shades" makes these, and lots of other 'half masks' of licensed characters (like Freddy Fazbear) or character themes (like WonderWoman) These appeared on shelves during the 'no modern allowed' period of late 2017, but remain through 2018.

What's this strange contraption?
It's a "Glastache". Never heard of such a thing? Probably. It's a combination of the words 'glasses' and 'mustache' & when you combine these two you get wierd. What it really is, is a "half-mask". You put this on like a sunglasses & can see through Sonic's eye area. Your nose goes in the middle, so it only covers the top part of your face. (Hence the half) but why the 'stache'? It doesn't cover/go where the mustache would be. It is classic styled, and could work for a Halloween costume or as some type of dress-up item? It's certainly strange. It should be at Spencers Gifts in 2016.

Sonic Shades Mask Glasses


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