• Sonic shirt & cap bundle
    Sonic shirt & cap bundle
    These two items are actually sold bundled as one, in Target stores in the USA during winter 2010. They could be found bound together/folded with cloth ties, and sold for either 15.99 or 10.99. They were available in a range of adult sizes. The hat can be seen on Accessories,…
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Yet ANOTHER pair of Sonic house-slippers. Strangely, Sonic slippers were produced several times in many areas. Australia had them too, this time at Segaworld. This pair is a bit plush-like in that it has hands, one with a pointing finger. The 'belly dot' is kept peach, and is obviously where the foot goes, but this type of thing always borders a bit on 'strange' because really you're stepping into the character which is just odd. The distinguishing feature here is that the pupils for the eyes are sewn QUITE close together, giving him a very 'concentrating' look. His spikes are toward the ground, so not quite sure how that works with wearing these around the house.


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