• Blue glazed metal buckle
    Blue glazed metal buckle
    This is an all-blue glazed metal buckle. It has just black enamel for the details/lines, but that's it. The blue gloss metal makes the face look a little plain, but it's a unique look for this very traditional classic Sonic face art. This is 19.99 at Spencers gifts in 2012…
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Hot Topic adds a hat in summer 2021.
This is the "Sonic Circle Snapback Cap". It's fairly standard stuff, with a blue top, black brim and red border for the edge of the bill. The design is embroidered onto the front only, with 'finger waving' classic Sonic in a circle that has a red to yellow fade inside. The classic logo is above/over it. This does stand out a little (literally) because it uses the "super thick" type of 3D-ish embroidery for the 'Sonic' word. Theres an extra detail on one side, it's a yellow circle with silouette Sonic face in it. That part does not appear to be embroidered, but may be more like a stamp. This should be in stores & online at Hot Topic for about 18 dollars.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Hot Topic


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