• Unstuffed Kelly Toy plushes
    Unstuffed Kelly Toy plushes
    You've heard of stuffed-animal plushes but what about...UN-stuffed?Here is an example of what happens when all the stuffing is removed from a Tails plush. This is probably a Kelly Toy larger size (Early release before 'noodle leg quality' appeared) but it's difficult to tell in this state. (of course) Sometimes…
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Here are 2 movie styled phone cases. They're both all black, and likely for whatever iphone was there in 2020 when the movie was released. (These cases are only ever for iphones anyway) The first case has MovieSonic shadowed away again, but this time he is pointing out from a darkened ring, with some rectangles in the background & the movie logo. The second has CG Moviesonic holding a ring, but set quite large so he goes off each edge of the case. They are a Sega Shop online exclusive, and are 35 dollars each.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2020
  • Region: America


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