• Sonic Avon Bath Box
    Sonic Avon Bath Box
    Here is an Avon Bath BoxAvon had a Sonic promotion in 1995, as you can see with the bath plush doll above, but this has a shampoo bottle inside, and it's topper was a finger puppet for the bath. The puppets included Sonic, Knuckles & Sally. You can see them…
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Hot Topic is at it again with 2 more all NEW Wrist cuffs. These are released after the Knuckles and Shadow.

The classic Sonic cuff is the first to feature a colored band. Watch out for this cuff in the stores though, as the embroidery may have a problem with some of the threads sometimes. (Pick a good one!)
Finally Tails gets into the Wrist cuff scene with a Sonic Adventure type name and graphic. This one seems a nice quality, with a big bright design.

Classic Sonic CuffTails Cuff


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