Because there were so many episodes, and the order didn't really matter, they cold be collected up into "Themed Groups" and released as titled disks, as seen here. You can see Robotnick Family Values, The Fastest Thing in Time, Sonic the Hero, Tall Tails, Let's Race, Robots Attack, Sonic Who, Robotnick Strikes Back.

For instance, "Tall Tails" had Tails-centric or starring stories, Robotnick Family Values had episodes with Jr, or Mama Robotnick. Others are more obtuse, like "Sonic Who?" because he was always dressing up in a myriad of disguises like Bugs Bunny to fool robots. You can also spot wrong covers here too, The Fastest Thing in Time has a robot that never appeared in the show (It was in SatAm) & Robotnick Strikes Bak has the wrong one again. The "Time" disk has the "mini-series" of episodes that must be watched in order, as it was the season finale 4-parter. Each of these should be about 88 minutes of content. It is unknown if you will get any duplicate episodes if collecting them all.

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