• Sonic Adventure Mini Lunch Box
    Sonic Adventure Mini Lunch Box
    Bring your lunch to school with this Mini Lunch Box!Well, if you don't eat a whole lot. This is a small size metal collectible lunch box with Sonic Adventure theme.  This was supposedly sold online to the USA when Sonic Adventure 1 came out. It is also believed to have…
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Sonic Spinner Arcade Game

Photo credit: KrEid and sent by Skippy.

Tags: Arcade Sonic Adventure 1

This is a Sonic Spinner Arcade Game.
It's Sonic Adventure 1 themed, and features all SA1 type art, including images of Sonic and Eggman on the console surface, and other characters on the sides of the primarily checkered machine. The objective is to stop the spinner on numbers to win points (and likely tickets) The big button in the center of the console triggers the machine, and the display will tell you your points. It makes Sonic sound effects as you play.

These machines are NOT exclusive to Australia. There is another one in an arcade at the Disney Contemporary Hotel (access via monorail thru bldg) in the USA on the grounds of that theme park. All the machines should be identical, and play in the same manner. This particular one is in Glenelg, an area in South Australia. 

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  • Region: International


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