• Sonic K-Zone megazine issue
    Sonic K-Zone megazine issue
    Here's a special issue of K-Zone magazine, which came with a free Sonic themed watch! The magazine was probably poly-bagged on the shelves. The cover co stars Sonic, Donkey Kong & Mario back in the day when these mascots were classic & didn't always get along. Still, this is a cool…
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Arcade advertisement

Photo credit: Dustin Lee Autry

Tags: Advertisement

This isn't an arcade machine...but rather an ad for one. This is likely to be a full or part-page ad that would appear in a trade publication of some sort. (As in, a magazine that is not for public sale) It's here to advertise the odd machine seen on Arcade Page 2, back when it was new. The bottom text reads: "You don't ask for higher collections, you capture them". Meaning that the game has the ability to earn you more money when you add it to your arcade. Colorful enemy art from Sonic 1 and the more Japan style title/logo give this ad an interesting look. Discovered by SonicBoy 19.
You can see the actual game, & part of the play area in the photo in the gallary. 

Additional Info

  • Region: Unknown


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