• Megadrive Pouch
    Megadrive Pouch
    Now here's something fun!It's a "megadrive pouch". This soft-sides pouch could be a pencil case, a pocketbook carry-in, or just a good way to store loose stuff. It's modeled after & shaped like a Megadrive game box for a Sonic game. (Remember, these looked different in Japan with primary colors…
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Sonic quad hockey table

Photo credit: JordanxSonic

Tags: Hockey Arcade

What's more exciting than a regular Air Hockey Table? Try a QUAD Hockey Table! This special, giant air hockey table has 4 goals for 4 players all at the same time. It's got great Sonic themed art all over, from the fun stars in the center to the different characters in stars for each of the corners. You can see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Amy. There's the Sonic & stars graphics on the sides too. You can see the 'spin' like blue shape over the logo which lets you know that the table is made by the same company who made the regular Air Hockey & arcade mini basketball (on page 3) . Want to see it in action? Use Quad Hockey Video! There's LED lights for score indicators in the middle/points, the puck-return & new players can join at any time. It also plays music, & can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 players. Hear the game with a Youtube Quad Hocky Video 2, discovered by CrystalSonicfan

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