• Classic Sonic lanyard with Detachable Clip
    Classic Sonic lanyard with Detachable Clip
    This lanyard brings in a convenient & new feature: the detatchable clip. The plastic squeeze type clip lets you remove the bottom part of the lanyard (which would hold the keys/cards etc) so that you don't have to take the strap off to use it. Then when you're done, just…
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Christmas shopping or a Christmas present itself...?
Here's a rare Christmas themed Sonic bag. Was it some kind of store offer to get shoppers in time for the holidays? It has an unusual art of classic Sonic dressed in a Santa Claus type suit, with bag of toys. He's shown entering through a window (better than a chimney, maybe?) Look at the single reindeer pulling the sleigh outside...it's empty.
This bag could be aquired somewhere in Japan.


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