• E3 2012 Sonic Mascot
    E3 2012 Sonic Mascot
    Here's the mascot Sonic that appeared at E3 2012, is it the same as the one above? Quite possibly. It looks good here, with proper big hands & well done head. (though a sleeve went a bit awry) The shoes are nice & shiny & the texture of the body…
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Here are 3 uncommon bags!
These are part of the "Heroes Pack", a specific set of limited-edition bonus items for Sonic Heroes Japan release. There's a large dark blue tote bag with Sonic, smaller red bag with Kunckles & pencil pouch (cylender bag) with zip to that has Tails on it. Each character is a white sihlouette made from a CG pose.
What's the pose? The same one they use as CG art for the Heroes Pack 3 pin-button set. (On Japan Pins here at Gear). So, this merchandise matches. Because they were limited-quantity & only released with the game, this set of bags is quite uncommon. 

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  • Region: Asia


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