• 4x Sonic X winter wear
    4x Sonic X winter wear
     Another Sonic X theme offering, this time for little kids. It could have a teens/regular size variant, but this design appears on a black short sleeve kiddie size, and the shirt shown here (black with red long sleeves) The Sonic art used shows him with a rather large head, which…
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Blue re-use-able plastic-type tote bag. Tags: Tote bag

Here is a blue re-use-able plastic-type tote bag. It's by "Planet Power News" & was obviously an early era item, as noted by the SegaSonic branding on one side of the bag.

It has a snap to close the top & 2 black simple carry handles. The art of Sonic is white on blue, line-art only. It uses the uncommon 'jumping down' stock art of him that never got used outside of Japan. He's pretty simple/cartoony looking in this one.
But look, he's got a speech bubble going and it is the victim of.....nonsense text pasting!
Nonsense text pasting usually happens when someone wants words from a language they don't understand as part of their design. Usually what they do is open a dictionary & just paste in something they flip to on a random page. Since the audience can't read it either....who's the wiser?

Well, the answer to that now is 'everyone' because the world's a lot more global so you can't get away with such a lazy tactic in design. But, what's worse, is they didn't snag part of the dictionary. It's even stranger than that. It says
"--nowitz: for he new novel, The Male Cross-Dresser / / into a forty second film to be shown as a / / TV and cable, and"

So, it wasn't even copied correctly, the 't' is missing of 'the' or an 'h' for 'her', and really? A novel about a "Male Cross Dresser" being condensed down to 40 seconds? That doesn't make sense either. But, to have Sonic saying those words incoherently is stranger still. Should this bag be on 'suspicious gear'? It's odd.

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  • Region: Asia


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