• Bright blue classic Sonic tee
    Bright blue classic Sonic tee
    This bright blue tee uses a neo-classic Sonic art with jumping/kick pose. Sonic is nice & large too, an attention-grabbing design. The classic logo is large & colorful at the top. You can see it on the cloth tag in the back too. The paper tag is square, with another…
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Pixel Puyos!
Sonic & Puyo Puyo are teaming up for Sega 60th Anniversary merchandise. These canvas tote bags with shoulder strap plus carry handle appear to have classic Sonic pixel art on them. The first bag has standing Sonic, and the second has Sonic Tails & Knuckles sprites, all in a running pose. However, when you inspect them closely, the pixels are actually little colored puyos. (All the same one) This makes for a fun effect. The blue square is the "60th Sega" anniversary logo. The totes also feature a snap closure at the top. (Just 1 metal snap)

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  • Region: Asia


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