Sonic 3D Board game

Photo credit: JenHedgehog

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Here are some detail shots of the Sonic 3D Board Game. As you can see here, the game is pretty three-dimensional, with various levels & features that you had to put together. The split in the middle of the board has chop-chop fish, there are 2 bridges, a crabmeat & buzz-bomber picture, a row of rings along a mid-lvel & an upper level with Tails & old Archie Sally. The spinner part has SatAm style Robotnick.
That little blue thing is a catapult that you put the Sonic player pieces onto to launch them around the board somehow. Notice that each Sonic player piece is color-coordinated with 3 of the little 'monitor picture' tiles in the photo to the left. What do you do to play this game? Write in if you know! 

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  • Region: EU


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