• Sonic Stereo Walkman cassette
    Sonic Stereo Walkman cassette
    Stereo Walkman-type cassette player. More primary colors and vague Sonic theme. This isn't common to find still inside the packaging. It is unknown where it was avialable.
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Generations Sonic The Elegance of the Hedgehog Blue Tags: France Book

In 2020 a mysterious blue book appears!
This book showed up in French searches but not much is known about it. It's clearly some sort of non-story/perhaps coffee-table type tome about Sonic...but what's its deal?
The title is "Generations Sonic The Elegance of the Hedgehog Blue" (That's its direct translation) by Benjamin Benoit published by 3rd Publishing.
The cover has just his shoes in a white circle for the picture. The background is a grid of rings & little round Sonic heads, the same as the dot for the "i" in the title. The head's a bit scrubby looking, it isn't the ST logo head or even a trace of any stock head. It's more like a jagged sort of ball or something.
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  • Region: Europe


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