• Top Heavy Sonic X shirts
    Top Heavy Sonic X shirts
      This shirt is ordinary and red, so it's another 'design only' shot. That helps focus it in on the realistic looking lightening bolt they've added striking across the X. This one uses the Japanese Sonic X logo as well, and has arms-cross X stock art. It is the lightening…
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Sega Stocks Share-Holder Correspondence letter

Photo credit: @JapanAnimePosters

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What's this card? It's a "Sega Stocks Share-Holder Correspondence" letter! How unusual to see, & certainly 'random'. If you owned an amount of Sega Stocks in 1997, this likely would come in the mail. Notice how Sonic is all over it, despite Sega making other properties. It has a cool STK graphic on the front (with the moon?) & 2 Sonic arts inside. All the text is in Japanese (of course) 

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia


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