• GE Super Sonic Plush
    GE Super Sonic Plush
    Does this GE Entertainment Super Sonic plush mean that the USA will finally get access to a GOOD looking Super Sonic? Maybe! This should be a 'mid size' plush, but hwo big will it be? The proportions (including upward facing spikes) look good, and the red eyes seem well placed.…
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Monkey drummer Sonic reference

Photo credit: NazoTheDragon

Tags: Cameo Japan

Can you spot the cameo here? It's really small and unexpected! You can see Japan art style Tails ( a classic stock art) of him, on the side of this drum! The monkey-drummer isn't really a bootleg per se, but the drum did likely rip the art off, as it clearly has nothing to do with Sonic or Sega. So where could you see this monkey toy thing? It appears in the transition/bumpers between show and commercials of Russel Howard's Good News, which is a Brittish comedy show. Isn't it curious where things like this can appear! 


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