• Sonic complete series of 26 episodes box set
    Sonic complete series of 26 episodes box set
    The convenience continues with this box set. As announced on the cover you see here it has "the complete series of 26 episodes" of the SatAm Sonic show. The cover doesn't particularly use anything directly from the show except for the logo/title piece & the rays in the bkgrd. The…
    in Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)

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Bernard's Watch Sonic Cameo

Photo credit: NazoTheDragon

Tags: Cameo TV Show

You can spot the Sonic cameo if you look carefully at this TV Show screen shot. This shot was taken in Bernard's Watch, which is a children's show on British tv. If you look carefully behind the old guy's cap, you'll see classic style Sonic in a shop window, or possibly on a wall. It looks like it's an un-official art piece or some kind of decoration. Still, it's quite interesting to spot. 


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