• Festival Going Sonic plush
    Festival Going Sonic plush
    This is another of the 'dressed up' plushes. Here's "Festival Going Sonic" (not to be confused with Taiko Drumming Sonic, which is similar but different) This one has him in a blue long-shirt with yellow belt, & red headband/strap thing. This plush uses 'center smile' which is odd, especially for…
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Sonic appears in Tosh.0 Tags: TV Show Cameo

This is a screen from the show "Tosh.0" . This show appears on Comedy Central in 2010, and mostly makes fun of the internet in general, and will run web videos, monologues and skits. For a particular skit, he attempts to do a speed run to get onto his stage (which is entirely greenscreen/virtual anyway) and the virtual screen shows Sonic on a speed run in Emerald Hill as seen here. When whoever was playing it for the video misses a ring, he calls them out on it too. It's interesting to see incorporated into a skit! 


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