• Sonic the Hedgehog yearbooks: 1991 & 1994
    Sonic the Hedgehog yearbooks: 1991 & 1994
    I own this one! The yearbooks are filled with short comics, games, a 'Sonic diary', various fan events where a Sonic Costume poses with bands such as "Worlds Apart" and various sport and racing stars. There are also game ratings and reviews, for Sonic titles and others. The back cover…
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Arcade Gamer Fubuki Sonic Reference

Photo credit: Garf4153

Tags: Anime United States Sonic Adventure 1

This is a screen shot of the menu to Arcade Gamer Fubuki. It's an anime...but look at the sign in the background! That's clearly SA1 'looking out' Sonic there, among the crowd & bright letters. You can also see that the menu seems to be written in a font quite similar to the Sega font, & the word 'previews' is written in PacMan style letters. It makes sense for Sonic to appear around arcade-centric imagry. 


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