• Sonic, Shadow & Knuckles shirt
    Sonic, Shadow & Knuckles shirt
    A different combination of characters makes for a cool shirt. This one features Sonic, Knuckles & Shadow, all with their 'tough' poses on. The modern logo tops it off, and it does not use any sort of 'fake wear' or gimmickry to try and make it 'cooler' the shirt itself…
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The Gate to the Mind's Eye Sonic cameo

Photo credit: Anon

Tags: Cameo Movie

This is a screen shot from the opening chace scene in the movie "The Gate to the Mind's Eye". Looking into the background here beyond the flying car, you can see a very large Sonic 'sign'. It's just him, without words. The borders of him look like they have added neon tube lighting, so the image is quite bright. This is a neat reference, to add him to the side of the building like that. 


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