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    It's a ....Froggy character cap?Indeed, of all the (fairly) obscure characters to choose from, here comes a Froggy hat. This is a 'character cap' style, where the hat itself is made to resemble the character's head. It has the eyes on the front, the yellow top marking, the two side…
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Are You Afraid of the Dark Sonic 2 cameo

Photo credit: PiplupFan77

Tags: Cameo Sonic 2

The show "Are You Afraid of the Dark" was a live action teen/kids show which contained spooky stories. It was on Nickelodeon network. In this screen shot (ep 38), you can see one of the characters has a Sonic 2 poster (just the top half, though!) on the wall. The bottom half should show Sonic & Tails front-lit only/in shadow. Likely chosen because the poster is eerie due to the mis-interperatation art of Robotnick (they didn't realize he had glasses, & showed his eyes as black pits instead of black glasses) 


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