• Amy Rose Pencil Topper
    Amy Rose Pencil Topper
    Normal pencil not cute enough? Add this old-style Amy Rose pencil topper! This little figure is fully 3D, and shows her in her old Sonic CD outfit. It's a rather chubby figure with big eyes and a mouth in the center. The pale spot on the nose is actually a…
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Sonic Shoes in Bugs Bunny Double Trouble Game

Photo credit: PiplupFan77

Tags: Videogame Genesis Cameo

This is a shot from the Bugs Bunny Double Trouble game for the Genisis. You can see Bugs looking at a power up here...but look closely and it's Sonic's shoes! The shoes he can collect are def. red with a white stripe and socks. It's interesting to see that the designers thought to put in a power up based on Sonic. Is it some type of tribute? 


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