• Nintendo dream Sonic wrap-around cover
    Nintendo dream Sonic wrap-around cover
    This is a special wrap-around cover for the Japanese magazine "Nintendo Dream". The art goes everywhere on bot the front and back covers, to complete a scene with most (all?) characters from the game. It is suspected that the art is original (hired artist copies the style of the game…
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Becoe and Decoe cameo in Omega & Epsilon Tags: Cameo TV Show

Quick! Say the names of the characters you see in this picture!
Did you say Bocoe & Decoe from Sonic X? If you did, you would be... somewhat wrong because this is a surprise reverse...cameo? The robots you are looking at here are actually Omega & Epsilon from TMS Hasshin. What's that? Some other show that actually came before Sonic X...so Omega and Epsilon here are not knockoffs, nor are they cameos. It's actually sort of the reverse, Sonic X seems to have 'recycled' these two robots, as you can see how similar they are in their design. It isn't even a cameo really. But here it is.


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