• NGamer gift-poster
    NGamer gift-poster
    This was a gift-poster found in NGamer magazine, a European Nintendo magazine. It honors Sonic & Mario at the olympic games with this busy poster. Most of the characters are shown competing or messing around. Big & a piranha plant are weight lifting, Knuckles is throwing a giant ChainChomp for…
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Sonic in Fox 11 News

Photo credit: Ultimate Hedgehog

Tags: Cameo

This is a sort of accidental cameo. Fox 11 News was doing a story about internet trolls & clearly interviewing someone in their own home. (Maybe a troll...or a victim?) However, they had their classic Sonic fleece blanket on the sofa in the picture as well as some kind of 'chibi Link' plush there in the background.
Usually news / tv news will blur out brands or recognizable characters because they don't want to get accused of "giving free advertising" or pandering to certain brands or companies. That's why you'll often see people in blurred shirts. However, in this case, they didn't bother. 


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