• The Gate to the Mind's Eye Sonic cameo
    The Gate to the Mind's Eye Sonic cameo
    This is a screen shot from the opening chace scene in the movie "The Gate to the Mind's Eye". Looking into the background here beyond the flying car, you can see a very large Sonic 'sign'. It's just him, without words. The borders of him look like they have added…
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MegaDrive Megatron Sonic cameo Tags: Cameo

You can see bigger photos & read more at Seibertron.com , who did these photos.

Wow, a cameo ITEM!
This is "MegaDrive Megatron" he's a real Transformers toy with a cool cartridge addition! Even though he is a bad guy, he turns into the Sega Megadrive AND has a repro original Japanese-look (The Japan cartridge was different than the USA / EU ones) Sonic 1 cartridge. At left, it looks like a normal Megadrive...but then (transforming image is of a non-painted one) it turns into a decepticon!

The cartridge is removable (see inset) & says "The most famous hedgehog" on it in that little black square. It is even marked 1991 to fit in with the real cartridge date. That item on his arm is a real USB drive. All info & photos in the area by Seibertron

Depending on where it was released, the system was either a "Megadrive" or a "Genesis". So...naturally "Genesis Megatron" must also appear. You can spot the differences like the name on his chest, the color of '16 bit', and that this one has purple accents instead of red. Then, the Sonic 1 cartridge in there is the USA look one, with its art. (There is also a gold version, which doesn't feature anything different Sonic-related) It's neat to see that they supported both area releases with different toy details! 


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