• Big 90s Sonic Plush
    Big 90s Sonic Plush
    This is another great, big plush! But this one's from the 1990s. See the battery by his foot? That's just how big this quality plush is (about 23 inches) As you can see with the texture here, quality fuzzy fabric was used. He's also heavy thanks to good quality fill.…
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This isn't a cameo for Sonic himself, but rather for Green Hill Zone.
This is a comic of "Mameshiba" which is a Japanese soy-bean based character. This bean is given a dog face & small dog ears. It was created for a TV commercial, where the bean would appear to people and tell them a random fact such as "a hippo has pink sweat".
When the commercials/character became popular, it got a comic book that is not just an ad for beans. In it, the bean creatures can use their ears to maniuplate things (as they have no limbs), and in this case it's a unicycle race. But, look at their race track: it's Green Hill complete with loop, tan ground, and even rings. Scan by RaeLogan
*It took longer to explain the premise than it did the cameo itself...because it is just that strange.


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