• Sonic Giveaway photo
    Sonic Giveaway photo
    A bunch of prizes!This table of items was likely a 'winnable item', at a convention or for a Sega contest of some kind. You can spot Unleashed, a Sega classics collection, some Japan Christmas cards with Sonic, at least 1 Archie comic, a Zero Gravity riders tee, a Sonic Mario…
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Sonic in CLAMP Tags: Manga Book Cameo

CLAMP is a famous Manga Circle. They wrote many successful books & sometimes the books had shows made from them too. This is an actual published work "Clamp in Wonderland" from the summer of 1994. This looks like a book of tributes, parodies or cameos of some kind. It looks like they are doing a published 'tribute' type thing to other's characters. You can spot Jojo's Bizarre Adventure people (Stardust Crusade), Cutie Honey, the android from Black Magic M66, one of Clamp's own characters (in front of Jotaro) the one one with cross tie thing.), Sonic, and Giant Robo. If this turns out it's a parody instead, this item will move. Info provided by Taaron


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