• DJ Sonic CD Player
    DJ Sonic CD Player
    Another nicely modern piece, this time, a CD Player. Quite appropriately, the top lid has DJ Sonic on it. The speaker covers are blue with the 'Sonic spin' type design (a nice touch) and they dropped in little Sonic Adventure 1 stock arts of Tails & Knuckles at the bottom.…
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Burlington Coat Factory Sonic Reference

Photo credit: Akihiko

Tags: Cameo

The Burlington Coat Factory is at it again!
Someone in their advertising department must really favor Sonic. You can see them spotlighting Sonic shirts in an ad right here on another page of Cameos. This time, they choose some Sonic toys for their banner. They have selected (probably) the Jazwares All-Stars racers Sonic in car & Shadow on motorcycle to feature right alongside Frozen plush. They even bothered to pose Shadow. 


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