• Green hill zone winter sweater
    Green hill zone winter sweater
    This sweater is meant to be a bit "Ironic". It is sometimes labeled "Terrible Winter Sweater". There are similar 8 bit & 16 bit themed official sweaters for other games popping up to wear in some sort of "tacky irony" way. The sweater itself is not overly busy, nor particularly…
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Japanese movie Gamera Sonic Reference

Photo credit: Taaron

Tags: Cameo Movie

These are screen shots from the Japanese movie Gamera. Gamera was a giant Kaiju monster that is now classic-famous. Notice the Sonic & Tails plush dolls! Tails is in the car with the man, & Sonic is hanging on the family's stand-fan. You can see a close-up of the doll in the inset.
Don't think this is an accident! The set-dresser for the movie placed the dolls quite deliberatly. The Tails is facing the camera quite specifically. (A hidden Sonic fan worked on the movie!) 


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