• Segaworld Sydney Sonic & Sally statue
    Segaworld Sydney Sonic & Sally statue
    Here's a better look at the Segaworld Sydney statues, with the focal point really being Sally, as it's the only known big-size statue of her. This stood out front, near pools and fountains before you entered the area. Clearly, it was meant to be able for you to take photos…
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Sonic in Mario Maker

Photo credit: PandaLover

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It's Sonic the...costume?
Yes! In Super Mario Maker game, you can use a Sonic Amiibo figure to unlock this "costume" of Sonic for the Mario sprite to wear. However, it's not really a costume, as much as it is apparently a Sonic 1 sprite they lay over it & give realistic movements to. Finally, everyone who wanted to see Sonic in the Mario world, this is a great chance to do it. It's a fun unlockable, & further encouragement for Amiibo owners. 


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