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Sonic in Jingle All The Way

Photo credit: GamingChiliHedgehog

Tags: Cameo Movie

It takes a Holiday Hawk-Eye to spot this!
Here's a photo from the Christmas movie "Jingle All The Way", which featured a breif scene of a Christmas parade. But...who's that walking along with other characters than...a Sonic Mascot Suit! The movie featured 'rampant commercialism' as one of it's themes, so naturally the part of the parade shown features collectible characters for kids to want / ask their parents for as toys at Christmas. You can spot Hello Kitty, a Cabbage Patch Kid, the blue Crayola Crayon, Gumby (that green pickle looking guy), Ernie from Sesame Street, Sonic (of course) & a Lego...guy. Remember when the movie was released...Cabbage Patch was still around more but it was way after the time of Gumby so who knows why he's here. But, it's still cool to see Sonic Mascot showing up on the big screen! 


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