• Red embroidered Sonic tee for kids
    Red embroidered Sonic tee for kids
    Segaworld Sydney is playing with the pocket again!These playful embroidered tees for kids were only sold at Segaworld Sydney, while it existed. This time, Sonic & Tails are shown in the pocket of the red shirt, while 2 coconuts monkeys try to climb up the side of it to get…
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High Score Girl Sonic Reference

Photo credit: Gaming Chili Hedgehog

Tags: Cameo

In an anime called "High Score Girl" you'd expect plenty of video game footage and jokes, so...a careful watch upon the background is required! And, in this case, it pays off with this scene in an arcade.
Look in the back there, that's clearly a screen cap of the Sonic the Fighters arcade game. You can even see part of Sonic & the health bars at the top. It is cool to include this semi-obscure game! 


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