• Sonic christmas shopping bag
    Sonic christmas shopping bag
    Christmas shopping or a Christmas present itself...?Here's a rare Christmas themed Sonic bag. Was it some kind of store offer to get shoppers in time for the holidays? It has an unusual art of classic Sonic dressed in a Santa Claus type suit, with bag of toys. He's shown entering…
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Sonic cameo in Phantasy Star Online 2

Photo credit: Taaron

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A clothing cameo!
As you'll have read a lot here on Cameos Gear, Phantasy Star Online and Sonic team are tied together so they enjoy crossing over Sonic stuff into their games.

In this case it's PSO2 for Xbox (releasing in the spring of 2020 for the USA) and to celebrate there's a special package of the game that comes with Sonic stuff. They already had some, like character masks and statues that are already here on Gear. The clothing adds a kind of sci-fi outfit that's blue with white accents & big red shoes. It can be worn by male or female characters. Their helmets have spikes in the back & Sonic-like ears on top. The visor is meant to represent his eye.
Sonic actions: The package also gives you actions you can do by pressing certain keys in the game lobby. One lets you roll around as a spin dash ball, the other lets you hover a bit with Tails tails. With virtual items, your character can now be a Sonic fan too! 


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