• Silver Super Poser
    Silver Super Poser
    Here is Super Poser Silver in his box , as seen at Toyfair 2014. It's the same white/pale checker background with Sonic portrait as the other 2014 release boxes. The dot at the bottom says "Over 25 points of articulation" , as is the usual with super posing figures like…
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Sonic costume in Fall Guys

Photo credit: Taaron

Tags: Video Game Cameo

Fall Guys is a popular new game in 2020. White bean shaped little people (each one a player character) take a topple off an obstacle course trying to race for the crown in a colorful funny multi player game.
But, part of the fun is dressing up the little pill shaped players in silly costumes. So, of course, why not Sonic? Naturally with games like this, it's a pay item, but once you buy it you can race as this top/bottom half bean shaped Sonic suit. The Fall Guy dot eyes fit right into the Sonic mono-eye window.

It's a cute gimmick that Sega approved of. 


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