• Sonic erector sets
    Sonic erector sets
    Here are 5 Erector sets. The brand is very old, it is called "Meccano" in England, where it started out. For some reason, they changed the name to "Erector" to sell items in the USA. The sets are known for their metal parts, and sometimes motorized action. Yes! These sets…
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This is some type of card, but is it a phone card? Notice that the proportions are different, and it also lacks the 2 notches at one end, that all of the other cards have. But if this isn't a phone card, what is it?
The art features Sonic at the sea-shore, with a cute Tails flying in the background. What does the text in the middle say? Is this soda-sippin sunglasses Sonic what spawned the very similar USA classic stock art?


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